Doug Clark is an American investor and Television individuality. Before getting into property, Doug Clark also worked as an airline company aviator. Between 2011 and 2012 he was showcased on the Spike TELEVISION fact tv series Flip Men alongside co-host Mike Baird. The series follows Baird and Clark as they buy confiscated houses at auction, remodel the houses as well as market them for return earnings. simply click the next site

Doug Clark was increased in Murray, Utah and also visited college at the University of Utah. In 1997 he received a bachelor’s degree in economics Magna Cum Laude Doug Clark Seminar Review, as well as came to be an airline aviator for Colgan Air. While there, he was both an initial officer as well as pilot, and in 2004 he became a leader for SkyWest Airlines. On his times off, he created a passion in property financial investment. He got his first residence at an auction, and also resold it within three days. Clark continued to work as an airline company pilot up until 2011.

Clark met Mike Baird in 2004 to find out ways to enter the commercial property flipping market, and also trailed Baird up until 2005 when they developed Equity Capital Group as well as Clark Venture Capital together. Business of the companies was to fund their purchasing, remodeling, and afterwards re-selling homes acquired at public auction.

By late 2011 Clark had actually dealt 750 homes over 5 years in the Salt Lake City area, and by 2012 he had actually bought and sold one thousand. Clark has said that he only acquires a small portion of the residences he looks into when trying to find residential properties to buy, which the acquisition price is one of the most essential thing he looks at when making a decision on a financial investment. He has actually additionally been spoken with by the media relating to the most effective techniques of house flipping as well as the differences between differing markets for property investments. He has likewise toured US house programs to give speeches concerning his business and has been interviewed regarding the logistics of acquiring homes at auction in regards to his television series

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